2020 XC60 Inscription does everything you want from a Volvo SUV—if you can find the right menu

While tooling around town, the steering is light and communicative, the ride quiet and mostly smooth. If I push the car a bit, though, the ride gets a little choppy and the 20-inch alloy wheels (an $800 option) transmit rougher pavement to the cabin. It’s not too bad, but it is noticeable. (And to give Volvo the benefit of the doubt, I’m driving this in Detroit’s nasty potholes …) The adjustable suspension, an $1,800 option, does a nice job keeping body motions in check and the XC60 is good at gobbling the highway miles. 
Long distances are helped by Volvo’s typical excellent front buckets, among the best in the business I’d argue. In fact, the XC60’s cabin is a real strong point, well-built and sturdy, and the materials are as good as other like-priced cars, if not better.