The 2020 Hyundai Sonata is completely new, but it’s what’s coming that has us excited

Let’s start on the outside. Sure, it looks a little too much like a Volkswagen Arteon, right down to the sloping hood lines and beluga snout, but overall it’s an appealing profile, with near-fastback proportions from the side not unlike an Audi S7, if you stretch your imagination. Hyundai calls it “sensuous sportiness” and even claims the look is that of a four-door coupe (cue the commenters who hate sedans being called coupes!).
“Hyundai got in the trap of making cookie-cutter cars like everyone else,” said VP of interior design Haksoo Ha. “We’re trying to break away from that.”
The new Sonata has a longer wheelbase with a shortened front overhang and slightly lengthened rear overhang for better aerodynamics. The height is lower and the overall length is longer. Check it out.
Inside the new Sonata, you’ll find “floating components,” in particular that 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen that rides above a low, wide, slim instrument panel. The shifter lever is replaced by four buttons yanked from the Palisade SUV. The armrest in each door includes an indentation that allows you to grab it and pull the door closed—very practical.
“We really wanted to redefine the sedan,” said Ha. “Others are abandoning the segment; we wanted to challenge it. We think we came up with the most refined, exclusive, dynamic sedan in its segment.”