2020 Mercedes-Benz AMG GLC63 SUV: Credible performance, questionable mission

But. But! This sucker can move. It wants nothing more than to be driven hard and fast. When you use it as intended, the GLC63 doesn’t merely reward you with impressive acceleration (3.8 seconds to 60 mph without even a hint of instability during launch) and a satisfying engine note. The driving experience as a whole becomes more coherent when you drive it aggressively. It flows rather than clunks. 
In this sense, the GLC63 is a lot like a modern BMW M3—genuinely competent, enjoyable performance, but only once you cross a certain threshold. It’s a binary machine. 
So that leaves me in a weird spot. I understand what the GLC63 is trying to do and what conceptual niche it’s aiming to fill. I recognize that it’s good at living up to its design mandate. I still don’t understand who this vehicle is actually for. It excels at quickly and confidently carrying a driver, up to three passengers and/or a modest amount of cargo from point A to point B whether or not there are curves in the road (though there had better not be any potholes).