2019 Porsche Panamera GTS gets a great V8, but we still pine for the hybrid

Our Opinion: The Porsche Panamera is a big car done right. It feels like a much smaller car, maybe even a 911. Well, not that small, but it’s quick in every direction and goes plenty fast even in this midgrade trim.
Starting with the steering: There’s a nice heft to it, but it’s still direct and I’d say aggressive. It’s not Alfa Romeo-aggressive—the Stelvio and Giulia seemingly turn before you even think you need to. The Panamera is just right. The suspension, too, is stiff without being punishing, and the tires are wide enough to roll over some imperfections normal cars would be affected by. It’s a little stiffer in sportier modes, but it never got jarring.
Power is sweet, and the Panamera’s V8 engine sounds great—and it’s super-sneaky power, too. You could be cruising in the high-90-mph range and wondering why everyone is going so slow. But the hybrid feels just as quick. It actually has 4 more hp than the GTS, though it’s slower to 60 mph. The eight-speed dual-clutch is awesome, possibly the best in the business. I felt no juddering or shuddering at slow speeds, shifts are imperceptible most of the time and the paddles work like a race car.