45-plus mpg without looking weird: The 2019 Honda Insight is the normal person’s hybrid

Our Opinion: According to Honda, the Insight does not have a transmission. Instead, it uses a clutch and two-electric motors (one for propulsion, another for electricity production) to simulate something close to the feel of an automatic. Controlled by a computer, of course, the internal combustion engine is locked via a clutch to one of the electric motors and on to the drive wheels when it is efficient to do so. Otherwise the clutch is released, and the electric propulsion motor does the work, somehow. Perhaps magic is involved. 
Called Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive, or I-MMD, the setup provides three different driving modes: EV, where the drive electric motor does all the work and gets power from the lithium-ion battery pack; hybrid, where the drive electric motor does all the work, but the engine is running and spinning the generator motor to provide the needed juice; and engine drive, the only time the engine actually helps to physically drive the front wheels, most likely on the interstate. There’s no torque converter or belts or gears. Trippy stuff. All we know is that it works.