Yes, the four-cylinder Chevrolet Silverado can tow just fine: We tried it ourselves

But first I needed to get to Traverse City. With just me and a few tools in the truck, I set off on the 240-mile journey, setting cruise control at 80 mph. I arrived at my uncle’s place where the boat was stored having averaged 21 mpg, right in line with the EPA’s combined figure. After some prep work, it was time to load the Silverado with stuff. 
Our poor family boat and trailer had been neglected for years. I was quite nervous of the tires’ condition, the bearings and, well, everything in general, so I brought plenty of repairing and replacing a trailer tire equipment: jack, jack stands, breaker bar, tools, ratcheting straps, etc. In addition to that, I was hauling down water skis, a wakeboard, inner tubes, gas tanks, the boat cover and three plastic 55-gallon drums my uncle didn’t want anymore. Fortunately, Chevrolet’s latest light duty truck includes 12 tie-down locations, three per corner.