2020 BMW M8 first drive: Pushing the limits of mechanical and electronic performance

Also, like the M5, the M8 has BMW xDrive all-wheel drive and the Active M Differential that only sends power forward when too much slip is detected in the rear, and only after the differential splits power side to side in back. If you’re really brave, and 45 degrees of slip isn’t enough, you can turn the traction control all the way off and select 2WD mode for full-on donuts.
The M8 gets a double wishbone front suspension setup and a five-link rear. It comes standard with adaptive suspension that has three settings. The M8 Competition is a step firmer in each mode with stiffer engine mounts, increased front negative camber and rear toe-link ball joints instead of rubber bushings. Both come with a carbon-fiber roof, eliminating weight at the highest point.
The M8, and probably most BMWs going forward, has a setup button in the center console that gives the driver individual controls over the modes. It includes settings for the engine, suspension, steering, AWD … and brakes. In what might be my favorite new feature on any car, you can dial in more brake pedal with the brake-by-wire setup. And it works. In sport, the pedal moves about half as much as in comfort mode.