We drive the Hyundai RM19 and decide a stretched midengine Veloster is a great idea

Regardless, they let me drive it out at their proving grounds in the California desert and I’m still grinning from the experience days later.
Officially, the Frankensteined fun fest “… signals future high-performance potential for future Hyundai N brand …” and could be used “… as a development platform for future N brand products, including a potential brand-halo car.” That’s a lot of potentials. If you, like me, had seen, heard and felt the suddenly huge powertrain blasting away in a chopped-open engine compartment right behind your helmeted head you might think, as I did, that the whole thing seems a little production-averse. But who knows? A little—OK, a lot—of refinement work could go into this thing and potentially—there’s that word again—produce something you could buy at a Hyundai dealership and slap a real license plate on. Potentially. Possibly. Probably. Who knows?
The point is it’s a terrific idea and if Hyundai does it, imagine all the possibilities out there for front-midengine swaps? Why aren’t all those crazy Lemons racers doing this? All you need is a Sawzall and some welder’s goggles. How hard could it be?
And if not the gasoline version, then Hyundai is hinting equally strongly that a mid-motor electric drivetrain could just as easily sit in the back of yet another Veloster. Electric! Or “… as Hyundai boasts an industry leading variety of electrified propulsion, including production HEV, PHEV, BEV and FCEV powertrains, various types of electrified powertrains are available for testing a high-performance electric sports car.” Presumably with whatever propulsion system mounted amidships behind the driver and passenger seats, too. Hyundai goes on to remind us all that it recently partnered with electric supercar maker Rimac to develop high-performance electric and FCEV prototypes. Hyundai has publicly released its plan to deploy 44 “eco-friendly models” by 2025, which could mean anything, but all of which taken together is looking like fun stuff as long as they put that propulsion where the back seat used to be.