2019 Porsche Cayenne Turbo delivers the intangibles, but be prepared to pay for them

Our Opinion: Porsches are expensive. All of them. But, darn it, they’re all just so good to drive. After all, this is a plenty large SUV that weighs 4,795 pounds yet still engages with the driver and feels relatively light on its feet. More than any other carmaker, Porsche manages to integrate all the various components such that everything works well together.
The Cayenne’s suspension reacts well to inputs from the steering, whether you’re thinking in terms of ride or handling. Braking feel always lines up nicely, as well. Of course, all of this complements the power, and the Turbo has a lot of it. Peak outputs are high and midrange grunt impresses, too. Additionally, the eight-speed automatic transmission does a good job selecting the right gear to keep everything on the move. And all Cayennes are all-wheel drive, so putting the power down is easy.
Part of the sportiness comes from some trick equipment installed in this particular Turbo, like rear-axle steering, adaptive antiroll bars, torque vectoring and 21-inch summer tires. The first three are very sports car; the last one, admittedly, is very SUV. Obviously, this is not a substitute for a sports car. But it fools you into thinking it’s one every once in a while, which is nice.