2020 Mercedes-AMG GT C is a solid (and very stiff) compromise

Our Opinion: The AMG GT is an increasingly rare beast, not just because it’s one of just two vehicles (so far) in the Mercedes-AMG lineup not based directly on an existing Mercedes product. As a classic front-engine, rear-wheel drive car, it’s one of a very few coupes playing in this space (the Jaguar F-Type, Aston Martins, or in a much higher price bracket, the Ferrari GTs, are other notable exceptions). The Viper is dead and the Porsche 911 has always had its engine in the rear. Everything else that comes to mind is either rear-midengine or heading that way, with the Chevrolet Corvette being the latest and most notable example.
So if your vision of high-speed driving involves peering down a long, dramatic hood (a worthy and time-tested vision, to be sure) you’re already going to be taking a look at the AMG GT. But which one to pick?
In his review of the AMG GT R Pro — an even more aggressive, more track-capable variant of this model — earlier this year, Robin Warner wrote that “Affalterbach just built a truly outrageous car in the most pragmatic possible way.” The AMG GT C follows the same basic, oh-so-German approach while tipping the scale a little bit more toward the pragmatic. But only just.