2020 Acura MDX A-Spec adds a dose of flash to a first-rate family crossover

Our Opinion: Between the facelift and the A-Spec package, the Acura MDX looks fantastic. The front end is angular and aggressive, the wheels look great and the exhaust tips are laughably big. I got home from work, unhooked the kids and threw my stuff in the house. I came back and they each had their heads almost inside the exhaust tips. They also liked the apex blue paint. Side note, apparently people online are calling the blue with the red interior the Superman edition. I have no problem with that.
Inside, Acura gave the MDX A-Spec suede-look seats, a nice leather steering wheel and dual screens for infotainment, Apple CarPlay and the like. I forgot this was a three-row—it doesn’t look like it from the outside—until I packed up the back with stuff. Both the second and third row have hookups for child seats.
Ergonomically, it’s fine. The drive mode selector is just a button by the push-button transmission, neither of which I like. And the upper screen is controlled by a dial. I normally like that when it’s placed horizontally on the center console, but this one is on the dash and I had to reach for it. I also had a tough time finding a good driving position.