2019 Nissan Kicks SR is the commuter car of our modern era

Our Opinion: If you want an SUV shape and achieve 33 mph combined, the Nissan Kicks is exactly that. If you hoped the combined fuel economy figure comes from 31 mpg city and 36 mph highway, even better! It’s as if the Kicks was reading your mind. Nissan didn’t make the Kicks for drive-or-die enthusiasts; it’s for folks who want one small step above basic transportation.
The rear suspension is a non-independent twisted beam setup. The rear brakes are drums. In front, you get ventilated discs and a strut suspension but nothing fancy. Furthermore, Nissan calls it a crossover SUV, but there’s no option for all-wheel drive. This is an urban, sunbelt SUV for a slightly higher view of the road and the look, not anything you’ll take to Moab or, really, outside of city limits other than the interstate.
On the other hand, the base-trimmed Kicks S includes modern ways to connect the smartphone and keep it charged, as well as safety features that will calm parent’s nerves if their kids want to go for a drive—automatic emergency braking comes to mind. Our top-trimmed SR also runs with blind-spot detection, intelligent key, remote engine start and a few other convenient tricks. That’s in addition to the sportier accents adorning the car. 
Behind the wheel, the lack of concern for enthusiasts’ interests shows up right away. The Kicks goes about its day with no concern for driver engagement. The steering wheel provides little feel. The 1.6-liter combined with a continuously variable transmission, or CVT, buzzes its way from place to place with acceptable acceleration. Chuck the Kicks into a corner and, well, it goes through the corner, a bit annoyed you unnecessarily made it work a little harder. Nothing here thrills. 
And that’s fine because it’s not the point. This is a point-A-to-B kind of car and I’ll be darned, every time I left point A in it, I got to point B just fine. And I listened to my favorite podcasts while doing it.