2020 BMW X6 M50i is the extrovert’s rocket ship; we’re not extroverts

The AWD-only X6 M50i gets the company’s hammer, the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 that sounds as brutish as anything Detroit has to offer. It delivers a monstrous 523 hp at 5,500 rpm and 553 lb-ft of torque at 1,800-4,600 rpm. That’ll rocket the X6 to 60 mph in just over four seconds. The M50i starts $86,645; Our M50i is spec’d up to $97,195 with the Dynamic Handling, Drivers Assistance, Luxury Seating, Parking Assistance and Premium Packages. Top speed is 155 mph with the summer tire box checked. Both versions get an eight-speed automatic.
Inside, it’s the glass controls that really stand out in the X6’s leather-wrapped interior. It’s a $650 option, even in this configuration, but the diamond-like cut on the shifter and rotary dial gives them heft and presence. This tester has a metallic, 3D-texture trim, but you can get wood or carbon fiber, if you please. The infotainment screen has a little of that tacked-on-after look, but it’s low enough that it doesn’t disturb forward vision. The digital gauge cluster features a customizable central area that I left in navigation mode. It shows a zoomed-in view as opposed to the infotainment’s wider overview.
Everything in the X6 feels crisp and tight. The seats have a bunch of adjustments with under-knee support, but I couldn’t get as low as I wanted, and the cushions aren’t the softest. Granted, I was sitting in a Rolls-Royce a few hours earlier so maybe that colored my opinion. All the important controls are on the steering wheel, including the adaptive cruise and traffic jam assist, which is as simple as hitting the steering wheel button, then “set.” You’ll be locked in at the speed limit, no matter what speed you’re going when you hit it. The head-up display is always nice; I keep it dim, but I love having it, especially when the navigation instructions can be displayed.