The 2020 BMW 745e iPerformance is an expensive way to lean green

Our Opinion: We, as a society, have reached a point where hybrid technology makes a car superior in most every way other than cost. Today’s hybrids accelerate faster, operate quieter, and consume less fuel than their internal combustion engine-only counterparts. With that in mind, hybrids make perfect sense in the full-size, flagship premium sedan category, where price sensitivity drops down the priority list.
In this particular case, the 745e feels more appropriately flagship than the 740e it replaces. The 280-hp inline-six operates smoother and sounds much better while doing it. It also pairs well with the 113-hp electric motor. Altogether, you get 389 hp and 442 lb-ft of torque, which never leaves the 745e wanting for power. Yes, the 750i and M760i are louder and faster still, but it seems to be that big muscle in a large premium sedan misses the point. Besides, the 745e reaches 60 mph from rest in less than five seconds, according to BMW.