The 2019 Audi RS5 Sportback is a high-speed techno-cocoon

Our Opinion: How it was supposed to work was this: I line up the RS5 Sportback for a work trip from Detroit to New York City, point it more or less eastward once I get south of Toledo and let its 444-hp twin-turbocharged V6 cut the roughly 10-hour drive in half. Or something like that.
How it actually worked out was, I got stuck in a weather system that stretched from Pittsburgh to Jersey City. Most of the drive was spent crawling through torrential rain. There were many miles, more than I care to remember in detail, spent creeping along with the flashers on, one in a long line of drivers utterly hobbled by nature. Any faster than 5 mph and the wipers couldn’t keep up; I wouldn’t have been able to exceed the speed limit even if I had wanted to. Then, I drove into lower Manhattan in an attempt to make it to Brooklyn. Lower Manhattan is not—and this is probably going to come as a surprise to you—a great place to drive. The next day I had to get to and from Sleepy Hollow (it’s a real place!), which involved driving through upper Manhattan. Also not a great place to drive, as it turns out.
But, weirdly, battling through the city during the afternoon rush hour was when the Audi started to come into its own. Sport mode dialed up throttle responsiveness, heightening the car’s reflexes and making it easier to bash my way through the aggressive, self-absorbed, anarchistic traffic. It felt just as pissed off as I did at the double-parkers and oblivious Uber drivers. It wanted to close any exploitable gaps, ward off anyone trying to cut in on my lane. Maybe this is why New Yorkers are always so high-strung. Anyway, by the time I’d reached my destination I felt like I’d accomplished something.