The 2019 Volkswagen Atlas V6 fits 5 kids even though you only have 2.5

Our Opinion: I like to make fun of people whose cars are trashed at all times. Empty bottles, bags of chips, reams of receipts—these are the things that fill most people’s commuter cars. I literally keep nothing in my personal cars besides insurance and registration. I don’t even lock them, but keep that on the downlow. What I realize now is that when I live in a car for a week, like I just did with this Atlas while on staycation, I can trash a car with the best of them.
It was only nine days, but over that week-plus I accumulated two diaper bags complete with snacks for Road Test Editor Jr. and Jr. Jr. A closet’s worth of kids clothes and work hoodies for working at the cottage, a bunch of wrappers, water bottles and dirt all found their way in. The good thing is that the Atlas, with its flipping and fold-flat seats, is super-easy to clean. With only two kids, now and forever, I flipped the third row down, which allowed space for a big double stroller and a Power Wheels Jeep before I made my way Up North (“Up North” for me is only about 40 miles outside of Detroit). I packed the front with tools and tool boxes, but with a fourth passenger, I could have stashed that stuff in the bac,k too. I’m not saying you should get a three-row vehicle if you only have two kids, but it does make life a little more convenient.
The drivetrain in this Atlas was just adequate for daily use, at least in normal mode, which optimizes fuel economy. It was a little better in sport mode, but still didn’t quite take off with the oomph that I’m used to. The V6 felt maxed out in this 4,200-pound body. There was no weather to speak of—and even Up North the dirt roads were pretty packed down, so I can’t really comment on the application of VW’s 4Motion all-wheel-drive system. I did, however, think the eight-speed automatic was fine.