H2 anxiety: A nail-biting long haul in the hydrogen-fueled Toyota Mirai

For mileage you don’t use mpg, since there are no gallons involved. Hydrogen is measured in kilograms. The Mirai’s two carbon-fiber-wound tanks hold hydrogen at a pressure of 87.5 MPa, or megapascals, which is 12,690.8 psi. The total volume of both tanks is 112.4 liters, or 32.3-gallons. That setup seems to hold just over three kilograms of compressed hydrogen…that is, if you can find a station with enough pressure to get it all the way full. The Mirai’s official EPA range is 312 miles, which I found to be not just optimistic, but downright delirious. The new Mirai, which was just revealed, has a claimed range of over 400 miles. I have found that I can get about 260 or 270 miles in fairly conservative real-world driving.
All of which had me wondering if I’d make it from L.A. to the Bay. I had to get to Pixar Studios in Emeryville, see. Every two years Pixar Studios holds a really cool car show called the Motorama. I’d been before. The theme at this year’s Motorama would be green cars. Jay Ward, the car guru at Pixar who organizes the show, asked if I had anything I wanted to bring. “You bet I do,” I said. And I actually washed the Mirai.
Then I checked how far Pixar was from the last hydrogen station in SoCal, the Arco station in La Canada: 563 miles. I’d have to fill up somewhere to get there and fill up again to get back.