2019 Kia Stinger essentials: Base model bargain

Our Opinion: I like almost everything about the Kia Stinger, starting with the look. I’ll admit I was a late adopter to the fastback/sportback/hatch look but now I’ve fully come around. The proportions are excellent from any angle and the wheels fill the wheel wells nicely. I also like this application of Kia’s trademark “tiger-nose” grille. The only thing I don’t like is how the taillight wraps around the trunk to the side of the car. It looks best in red where that design feature fades into the background.
Inside, the Stinger, even in this base form, feels like a nice, weighty sedan. The leather seats are cushy and supportive and they slide way far back. Like NBA basketball player far. Like LeBron should be driving this instead of the K900. Is he still doing those ads? The heated and cooled seat controls are right by your elbow and the drive mode selector is just in front. The cupholders are off to the side, which is a big deal when you’ve owned a few cars where you have to rest your elbow on your bottle of water. There’s a ton of space in the trunk too. Both kids, double stroller, a bunch more stuff, no problem for the Stinger.
The 2.0-liter feels good. Not super fast or nearly as fast as the available V6 but completely adequate and enjoyable. This is the new breed of turbo fours that make anywhere between 220 and 280 hp, plenty more than the V6s of yore. The Stinger’s eight-speed automatic is fine. Paddle shifts are decently quick, but it’s not as good as the ZF eight-speed that goes in Dodge musclecars, BMWs and other stuff.