2020 BMW Z4 essentials: What traffic?

Our Opinion: I drove the Toyota Supra on its launch, but this is the first time I’ve driven the joint-engineered Z4. It’s great — it makes me want to drive the Supra here in Detroit to get an honest comparison. My baseline is that I like the Supra better because it’s a hardtop, but the extra 48 hp is hard to pass up.
The BMW Z4 is great in traffic, especially with the top down. Late September here in Michigan has been unseasonably, well, appropriately warm as of late, which gave me two days and a decent amount of miles with the top down. The Z4 will take almost anyone from stoplight to stoplight. If you need to get a lane over, this will quickly do it without too much drama. It doesn’t really roar or scream or intimidate. On the expressway, just aim toward a gap and gas it. The turbo I6 will get you from 60 mph to 80 in a blink.
The Z4 sounds better in sport and sport plus mode with little crackles from the exhaust. I left it there most of my time with the car. The fully automatic eight-speed was great with good reaction to the paddles. I probably would have guessed it was a dual-clutch. The brakes are sensitive with a short stroke — always better to overdo the brakes than underdo (is that a word?) them. They were a little weird when taking my foot off, like when I’m trying to creep along before a light turns green. It just wasn’t very smooth. No matter, though, this roadster is at home when hauling ass.