2019 Volkswagen Golf R essentials: Fine wine

Our Opinion: I’ve been driving — and thoroughly enjoying — a crop of new battery-electric cars that’s been working its way through the Autoweek fleet lately. No gasoline, no oil changes, instant torque, one-pedal driving…there’s just very little I don’t like about EVs. But just when I’m about to turn in my gas card and proclaim myself a true believer, along comes the Golf R to remind me of all that’s good about internal combustion.
I don’t know why I was surprised. The Golf R did this to me before, back when the car first got imported to these shores. I’d always liked the GTI well enough, but a weekend behind the wheel of that R educated me on what the car was truly capable of. I’ve respected and admired it ever since, even if the price seemed rather exorbitant.