2020 Ford Escape SE Sport Hybrid first drive: Fully realized partial electric

Otherwise, the Escape Hybrid is just like its brethren with gasoline-only powertrains. You can get 4G LTE Wi-Fi, wireless charging and a head-up display. SE trims and above get an 8-inch central touchscreen. CoPilot360 is standard across the Escape line including blind-spot protection, lane keeping, precollision with emergency braking and auto high beam control. Optional features include active cruise control, active parking assist and a few others.
Starting with the biggest usual hybrid complaints, at least from me, the stop/start process is very smooth with almost no vibration; you can hear it though. It has surprisingly good brake feel for a hybrid with regeneration. It has none of the spongy, springy feel you sometimes get from these systems. Also, the Escape Hybrid’s Atkinson four with the CVT and electric motor makes for a super smooth and quiet ride.
Unless you floor it, that is. In that case, the CVT gears up and the revs climb to the other end of the tach. The motor stays revved until you let off the throttle. In sport mode the Escape Hybrid mimics the gear-change feeling you get in an automatic and it’s almost convincing, but not quite.