Ferrari F8 Tributo first drive: Even more fun than the 488

Don’t worry — when I drove mine and when you buy yours, we will have some help in the form of a remarkably sorted-out car. The F8 Tributo rides on largely the same chassis and suspension as the 488 but with improved electronic controls. While the chassis and suspension are largely carryover, the engine and aerodynamics are new, or at least highly revised.
There are several versions of this V8 engine currently in production. This one is based on the powerplant found in the 488 Pista and is 50 percent new from there. The new engine finds improvements in almost every stage of combustion, according to Ferrari: reduced plenum volume for improved transient response; reduced runner length for optimized volumetric efficiency; new springs and hollow valves on both intake and exhaust; more aggressive valve lift profiles; longer exhaust runners with larger diameters; a new turbocharger speed sensor; and new titanium alloy con rods that weigh 43 percent less than before, allowing a new crankshaft that weighs 2 1/2 pounds less and a flywheel that weighs almost 3 1/2 pounds less. All those improvements raise horsepower to 710 at 8,000 rpm and torque to 568 lb-ft at 3,250 revs.