2020 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque essentials: Better styling, good tech, still not my cup of tea

Our Opinion: I was not a fan of the first Range Rover Evoque when it launched in 2011. It was not a pretty thing, to my eyes, and I thought it would dilute the Range Rover brand a little bit. These are the cars of ballplayers, rap stars and Wall Streeters. It wasn’t imposing, it wasn’t fast. It did and does come with some off-road chops, but a waist-deep-in-mud Defender it ain’t.
This First Edition comes in a special color called Nolita gray and adds burnished copper accents inside and out, all of which I like.
The four-cylinder is powerful enough for its size, though the Evoque never really feels quick. The engine is also louder than expected at full tilt, and the shifts from the automatic transmission are neither supersmooth nor aggressively harsh. I’m guessing most people like that, but I like the edge cases.
The automatic stop/start system is rough. It’s neither quiet nor smooth. It also makes taking off into traffic a nervous affair because you have to wait that extra split-second for the engine to crank up. Also, the air conditioning gets warm and moist when the engine stops. That’s not just an Evoque thing — the 2020 Ford Escape I was just in did the same thing, as does my wife’s car. Automakers need to figure out how to keep the AC compressor running when the car shuts off.