2019 Mercedes-AMG GT63 S essentials: Supercar performance

Our Opinion: Mercedes calls the AMG GT four-door coupe line its “first four-door sports car,” giving the impression it’s a GT with two extra doors. It’s not, though. It’s actually a hatchback that is part E-Class and part CLS. Mercedes says the design follows the company’s “sensual purity” philosophy: long hood, two power domes, low greenhouse, AMG’s new grille and shark nose front bumper … you get the idea. I think the car looks good, nice and clean. I spent a few days in a GT53, and that car got just a ton of compliments. Everybody loved the shape or the color — designo brilliant blue mango ($3,950, and worth it) — or both. The Jupiter red color on the 63 S looks good, too, though I’d opt out of the aerodynamic package and its fixed rear wing and save $2,850 in the process.
Jump in and there’s quite a bit more room inside than I would have guessed, especially rear headroom (the car is nearly 2 inches wider and almost 3 inches longer than an E-Class). Build quality and materials are excellent, as one expects, and while the thin sport seats are a little tight for me, they’re not too bad. The giant double screen, stretching almost the whole width of the interior, is no longer controlled by a dial on the center console. In its place is a mousepad-type controller. I don’t love it. I liked the knob.