2019 Mercedes-AMG E53 sedan essentials: Middleweight hustle

Our Opinion: We, as a society, have reached a time where midlevel performance sedans reach 60 mph in less than 4.5 seconds more comfortably and safely than ever. So it is with the Mercedes E53, that a turbocharged inline-six and all-wheel-drive sedan exceeds all but the most strenuous forward motion requirements a driver can ask of it. And it sounds good doing it, too. The exhaust’s snarl is simultaneously soothing and exhilarating. It’s worth noting, too, the 48-volt hybrid system and its short bursts of extra power and torque integrated completely into the system and never unsettled the car — it generally went unnoticed, other than its impressive acceleration.
I rarely found myself bothered to play with the drive mode selector either, because comfort suited my needs just fine. Transmission kick-down and throttle application worked well for me, but otherwise I wanted a supple ride. To that end, the rest of the E53 is just like the other E-Class iterations, so it’s comfortable and quiet. The seats are soft, supportive and adjustable in several ways. All the fit of the interior gives you a sense of thoughtful construction, and the finish includes nothing other than soft-touch plastics, wood, leather and carbon elements. And, personally, I prefer the look of the classic sedan shape and the space that comes with it. Nothing against the CLS or the E-Class coupe, but there’s more wasted space and I don’t like that.