2019 Honda HR-V Touring essentials: Happy hauler

Our Opinion: Maybe I don’t like hotels. Maybe the thought of catching rush-hour traffic irks me more than most. Or maybe I like podcasts way too much. Whatever the reason, I did it again. I hit the road in the morning and refused to stop until I pulled back into my driveway, early the next morning with over 1,000 miles on the trip odometer.
The truth? I had something to do outside of Washington D.C. and a Honda HR-V to do it in. After driving close to 16 hours, not including stops, I felt surprisingly comfortable in the HR-V. The driver’s seat is comfortable and supportive, with plenty of adjustment to get myself in the place I want it. Once there, everything is within easy reach and easy to use. And that includes a totally competent, Bluetooth equipped sound system I used to catch up on those aforementioned podcasts.
Honda’s little naturally aspirated motor bumps out adequate power in most any situation. If you really need to get moving to, say, pass on a two-lane highway, the HR-V will get it done. But, know that the engine/transmission combination will whine about it. Generally speaking, continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) aren’t great, but Honda’s is among the best in the segment. Wind noise, at interstate speeds is a touch high too, however the HR-V is plenty competitive in its class. By the way, while averaging 66 mph, I achieved 27.3 mpg.