2020 Subaru Legacy goes all Camry on us

To really compete with those sales leaders, Subaru had to make the Legacy less like a snowmobile and more like a civilized city car, albeit one with standard all-wheel drive. Thus, a drive of this new car might come as a shock to traditional Subaru buyers. For all of its lifetime in the U.S. market, all six generations leading up to this, the Subaru Legacy’s rattles and squeaks, and the flat four boxer engine’s roughness compared to competitors’ silent inline fours, was one of the things that made a Subaru a Subaru. If you could hear the engine, then you knew it was still running. And they seemed to keep running forever. (Except for that problem with the CVTs of many Subarus up until the 2015 model year. Sorry you guys. Subaru assures me this new car has an all-new CVT.)
The 2020 Legacy also rides on the all-new Subaru Global Platform, which was first seen in 2016 under the then-new Impreza and will sit under every Subaru for the foreseeable future. It’s 70 percent stiffer and stronger than the one before it, with high-strength steel making up 20 percent of the structure, compared to seven percent before, according to Legacy project manager Yoichi Hori. It also works much better in the myriad energy-absorbing crash tests the government requires, including the 2023 standard for an “oblique offset collision.” (Soon insurance companies won’t have to pay out anything at all, think our rates will go down? Maybe with tort reform, ha!)