2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel first drive: Torque truck

All the good things we liked about the Ram 1500 in our first drive are present here. First, the coil springs that keep the ride better than any other truck, unladen, are there, with air suspension optional. Plus, there’s the RamBox storage space in the walls of the bed. The interior, now with active noise canceling, mutes out not just the quieter diesel but also road and wind noise. And of course, there’s the giant Uconnect screen that can rival anything from Tesla or Volvo. That display can be halved, and whatever information you like can be put on the upper or lower half. I personally like Apple CarPlay on the bottom and the native navigation on top (data costs, ya know?).
Firing up the three-liter diesel V6 in the Laramie Longhorn trim, it was every bit as quiet as a gasoline engine, and I would bet quieter than the 5.7-liter Hemi V8. Taking off, the near 500-lb-ft engine was super smooth and stayed quiet until I put the hammer down on the expressway. The main problem is trying not to spin the tires on a takeoff around a turn, but even when it does happen, the truck doesn’t get squirrely with a bunch of wheel hop.
When the hammer is dropped in the Ram diesel, the eight-speed kicks down seamlessly, and then drivers and passengers get whooshed along with a little growl (and maybe a teeny bit of clatter) penetrating the cabin. Passing moves are almost too easy, and if this was a smaller vehicle, I’d say point at a gap in traffic and shoot for it, but really, you have to keep your eyes on your corners. However, I wouldn’t say the truck feels bigger than its size, just big.