2020 Mini Clubman JCW ALL4 first drive: The era of the 300-hp Mini is here

The JCW suspension now offers electronically controlled adaptive shocks, with sport and comfort modes. The ultralight 19-inch rims are fitted with Z-rated Michelin Pilot Sport tires. The brakes are upgraded compared to the previous JCW with larger rotors throughout, four-piston fixed calipers in front and higher-volume cooling ducts.
There are upgrades all over, compared to the old JCW or the new Clubman S. Yet none is as serious as those in the powertrain.
The JCW’s 2.0-liter engine block is the same as that in the Clubman S, but just about everything else in the engine is different. The turbo is bigger and the heads lower compression from 10.25:1 to 9.5:1. Injector volume increases, the exhaust tubes are bigger and less restricted, and internals are upgraded. The pistons and con rods are more rugged, and the crank and main bearings are reinforced. The radiator is larger, and both coolant and oil flow are enhanced for track duty,
The net is basically 150 hp per liter, or 301 peak hp, with 331 lb-ft of torque. That’s 113 hp and 124 lb-ft more than the 2020 Clubman S. More to the point, horsepower in the ’20 JCW is up by 73—a full third—compared to 2019, with 28 percent more torque (73 lb-ft). That’s with a new gasoline particulate filter required for the European market.