2020 Cadillac CT6-V first drive: The Cadillac of V8s

The CT6-V features a dark mesh grille in front along with new LED headlights cribbed from the Escala. It also comes with extra aero components around the bottom and gloss black side window surrounds the like the XT6 Sport model. Summer-only tires mount to 20-inch wheels (CT6 Platinum Blackwing models get all-season tires). Hiding behind the wheels and tires is a new Brembo brake package. It’s not nearly as wild-looking as the fantastic CTS-V; it’s understated, especially in dark colors.
The big Caddy comes standard with GM’s Magnetic Ride Control, 10-speed automatic transmission, a limited slip differential and a carbon fiber spoiler.
Inside, the new big deal is the rotary controller, which I still think is the easiest, most ergonomic way to control an infotainment system. It spins, it’s able to be pressed like a button and it jogs left, right, forward and back. You don’t need much more control than that. There’s still a slider for volume underneath the main screen but you can ignore that thanks to the little rotary volume dial in front of the big one. The new shifter is in front of that, which also works as expected. I do have a complaint here: it’s that the big dial, the little dial and the shifter all feel a little lightweight and inexpensive, not like the ones in Mercedes and nowhere near the hefty glass dial in the BMW. The surrounding buttons too, are matte black and don’t look like they fit the theme. Finally, the drive mode selector is squeezed in front of the gear selector making it hard to reach quickly or easily.