2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE essentials: Not surprisingly, perfect

Our Opinion: I don’t know why I’m surprised when cars like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord are so good, they’ve been getting better almost every year for a couple decades. This one is the top of the line hybrid with a CVT, and it’s still damn good, even to an enthusiast. It IS also almost $40,000, so there are some price issues, but we’ll get to that in a minute.
Like many cars now, something else I thought I’d never say, the hybrid is the one to buy. With the electric power and the three driving modes, it feels plenty quick for daily driving. Everyone seems to be getting the hang of these transmissions now where they don’t seem to fall flat after you get up to 30 mph. They don’t even sound weird or droney like they used to. If you give it the boot, it’ll use every ounce of torque, continuously until you get up to your desired speed.
The brake pedal too, as opposed to having a weird, spongy, air-in-the line feeling, just feels like a normal, non-enthusiast brake pedal. It’s not rock solid, obviously, but it’s comfortable and predictable both on depression and release.