This C7 Grand Sport reminds us what we’ll miss in front-engine Corvettes

The scene plays back in my head as I step down and into a brand-new C7 Grand Sport, gleaming in the high sun of a summer morning. The car is immediately imposing. It’s a three-point turn to get out of the parking garage, threading the nose of the thing past a double-parked delivery truck. The eye-level loading platform on the back of the truck looks determined to turn the targa top into a roadster.
As I pull it out into the street, light spills onto the high dashboard. This is not a bubble cockpit; it’s just low-roofed—and wide—and feels it. And it also feels skateboard-y, in the same way an ’88 Civic does. A broad, flat thing skipping across the pavement. The wide 285-section front tires skate as you turn at low speed.
Other things have delays: the next-track button below the touchscreen, the request for acceleration from the automatic transmission. This is a responsive engine, but there’s still some disconnect waiting for a kickdown in the GM eight-speed. You want to cut ahead of a bus threatening to merge into your lane. The car wants to wait a second before it drops out of god only knows what gear. When it does, your foot is too far down, the revs too high. PHRAAAAAAAAP you go, sounding more scared than confident.