Arkonik Land Rover Defender: A touch of modernism in a classic Defender

Beyond looking for classic SUVs in good shape, consumers are also interested in shelling out exorbitant amounts of money on SUVs that retain the classic look, but are modern where it counts – on the inside and underneath the body. Too often, bespoke companies take restoration too far, diluting the true spirit of a classic to keep up with the never-ending beat of progress. For those looking for the least amount of dilution, U.K.-based Arkonik has the good stuff. But only if you’re interested in a Defender and have very deep pockets.
Arkonik is a small shop in England that hand builds roughly 64 Defenders a year. Consumers have a nearly endless amount of options to choose from when they request a custom-built SUV from Arkonik that range from powertrains, colors, wheelbase length and features. The customization rabbit hole goes down to whether you want silver or black wing top vents and spotlights on the bumper, or the roof rack (or both). And that’s before you even consider all the interior upgrades.
You don’t bring a janky, rusted out Land Rover Defender to Arkonik, either. It has a team of specialists that scour Europe for the best examples to revive. Based on what you’re looking for, Arkonik’s team will find the right vehicle, ensure that it’s authentic and in good condition, and ship it back to England where everything from bodywork to engine is refreshed and rebuilt. For buyers in the U.S., the team pays special attention to our country’s heightened regulations to ensure the completed SUV immigrates into the country without ruffling any feathers.