2019 BMW M5 Competition essentials: Nasty, brutish and not particularly short

Our Opinion: If I were allowed a wagon in the segment, the Mercedes-AMG E63 would be my choice, but since we’re talking super-sedans, this is the one to have. Or maybe the not-long-for-this-world CTS-V. They’re both unending fountains of power and braking. The badge-conscious inner me says take the BMW, but that CTS is really, really good too. And the bigger, 550-hp CT6-V is also in play if you’re looking for super-sedans.
Like all cars in this realm, the M5 is almost infinitely customizable with three modes each for the throttle, suspension, steering and transmission. The first three are on the center console, but the one on the shifter is the most important. I’m now calling it the transmission aggression button (patent pending). It has three settings and switches up both the shift points and speed of the shifts. I found my best combination was slot 2 (sport) on the throttle, trans and steering, along with comfort mode for the suspension.
The M5 feels brutish and solid even though the brakes are quick and sensitive. I think I wrote this about an M5 before, but it feels like you could blow through a brick wall … if you’re the Transporter and the need arises. The thicker-than-average steering has a heft to it, even in comfort mode, that enhances that feeling of weight. It still feels controllable, heavy and grippy — and big.