2019 Mercedes-Benz C300 Coupe: Style and luxury in search of comfort

Our Opinion: It’s hard to believe that this generation of Mercedes C-Class, which includes, at least in the North American market, a sedan, a cabriolet and this coupe, debuted in 2014. To my eyes, the design language holds up very well, which makes the two-door variant the best-looking of the luxury coupe bunch.
Opting for the two-door means sacrificing a certain amount of utility in the pursuit of looks: If you really need to carry four adults on a semi-regular basis, consider the larger E-Class coupe, which manages to offer genuinely usable rear head- and legroom.
But my contention remains that, if you want to make a statement these days, get a coupe — no, not one of those weird, tall crossover-based monsters the German automakers can’t stop making, but a real, car-based two-door coupe — and this Mercedes C300 in particular stands out in the present sea of blobmobiles. And for a weekend trip across the state, the two-door C300 was nearly perfect, with plenty of room for two adults and luggage. All in all, a very stylish way to arrive at my wife’s family reunion. Even the designo interior package didn’t seem, for $3,800, too much of an indulgence; I’d rather have its nicely contrasted quilted leather than the AMG Line visual add-ons.  
Bonus: The add-on semi-autonomous technology packed into the $2,250 Driver Assistance Package worked as advertised! Well, mostly. The “route based speed adaptation” feature of cruise control always played it conservatively, which meant that in Michigan’s endless construction zones, the car slammed on the brakes any time it saw the “45 while workers present” signs, even though nobody was working. I guess that’s understandable — better safe than sorry — but it rendered the system useless for much of the drive.