2019 Acura NSX drive review: Fast car slow (and silent)

So, that’s been the same for the intervening three years, but Acura did fiddle with the antiroll bars of the NSX (front is 26 percent stiffer, rear is 19 percent stiffer), control arm bushings (21 percent stiffer) and the hub itself (6 percent more rigid). The company also swapped out the Continental ContiSportContact 5p tires for the better SportContact 6s, though real track day racers should and will certainly opt for the Pirelli Trofeo Rs.
Also, from our NSX first drive: “Engineers changed the calibration of the hybrid system and chassis controls. They gave me a thorough explanation, but essentially, they admit to playing it safe on the 2017 car and felt confident in pushing the unchanged electric motors and battery harder to extract more performance more quickly. Now they work harder, especially the two motors powering the front axle.”
This NSX comes in with a base price of $157,500 and tops out at $196,500 with destination. Options include about $25,000 worth of carbon fiber, carbon ceramic rotors ($10,600), casino white paint ($700) and satellite radio ($500).