2019 Honda Passport AWD Elite essentials: The best tall Honda

Our Opinion: The Passport is the only Honda SUV/crossover I would buy with my own money. I think it’s the only one with any soul, though that only extends to the looks, not to the powertrain. But with black wheels and black trim, our Passport Elite looked pretty cool. My father-in-law didn’t like the black plastic grille, and, to be fair, it does look a little cheap. But overall I think the vehicle looks fairly rugged, and the ground clearance belies its ability to take on semi-difficult trails. It won’t go full Jeep, but it’ll get you past the trailhead. 
The Passport’s only powertrain is a 3.5-liter V6; it’s just enough for this 4,200-pounder, delivering 280 hp, but it does so noisily. There’s not a lot of wind or road noise either so the engine note is very pronounced, for a modern vehicle. There’s a big central touchscreen, and since this is one of the newest Hondas, we’re back to a proper knob for volume, as opposed to the hard button slider the company tried to use. The heating controls are below the screen with a separate setting for the rear passengers, including an on/off switch on our Passport Elite. When it’s 90-plus degrees, it’s nice to have 100 percent of the air blowing in front.
I like the adjustable armrests, especially for your right arm, which is rare. I forget how comfortable they are. It’s like a minivan in there. The Passport’s center console is huge, and I used it a ton over the long weekend for kid stuff like toys, snacks and cups. I did leave it a little dirty — sorry, Honda.