The 2020 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 and 718 Spyder might be all the sports car you’ll ever need

The mid-mounted heart of the new cars is based on the same flat-six engine family that powers the 911 Carrera S models, except that the 911 versions are turbocharged. The naturally aspirated 4.0 in these 718s is strengthened from top to bottom to handle the higher 414-hp output with a forged-steel crankshaft with larger main bearings. The rocker arms have hydraulic valve clearance compensation to handle the 8,000-rpm redline. All four camshafts offer Porsche’s VarioCam adjustments for greater torque and power across a wider range of engine speeds. Highly accurate piezo injectors control the high-pressure direct fuel injection for more precise combustion. There’s even a fuel-saving adaptive cylinder control system that shuts down one bank of cylinders then the other in 20-second intervals when you’re cruising at steady, slower speeds.
All this is connected to a six-speed manual transmission, the only trans available with the GT4. It comes with a dual-mass flywheel pulled from the 911 GT3, a three-quarter-inch-shorter-throw shift lever and auto blip, the latter which you have to engage via a button on the console.