2019 BMW M4 CS essentials: Just the fast, ma’am

Our Opinion: Say what you will about BMW and the soul of its M cars, but this M4 CS looks incredible. The San Marino blue is the best option for color, followed closely by Yas Marina. Skip the gold and the orange if you want to somewhat sneak under the radar.
There’s a ton of carbon fiber on this M4 including the roof — saving weight in the best place — and the spoiler. The inner door panels are made from natural fibers, and the door pulls are straps instead of molded parts. Those changes, among others, help the M4 CS come in at 3,483 pounds to the standard M4’s 3,600 or so pounds. Not that you can feel that while driving — both cars are plenty fast. Oh, and there’s no center console/armrest, which is a little weird. But it does encourage the driver to keep both hands on the steering wheel. The seats are narrow shells that are supportive, but maybe a little hard for long journeys. I would suppose that if this were your fun car, you might have an X5 for road trips.
The first thing I noticed is how good the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission is. I would have sworn it was an eight-speed auto. Even at slow speeds, there’s no jerkiness when shifting, and obviously at high speeds the changes are super-quick. Throwing the drive mode to sport-plus really speeds things up and wakes up this inline-six. Not that it’s a dog when in comfort mode, but the mode change just amps up the acceleration and noise. My first night or two I was feeling a little “meh” about this M4, but once I went to sport-plus I felt like I was getting the full amount of raw, unfettered power.
Speaking of the modes, the last-gen BMW M3/M4 was viciously harsh over broken roads, no matter what mode you were in. It was those run-flat tires that ruined it. This M4 CS has Pilot Sport Cup 2s, which are quite possibly the best tire on the market today. The only ones that come close in my experience are the Pirelli Trofeo Rs. This car rides over bumps that would flatten those other tires in an instant, and it does that without complaint or a ton of suspension noise. I was pleasantly surprised.