2019 Jaguar F-Pace SVR essentials: Mutant cat

Our Opinion: The Jaguar F-Pace SVR comes standard with bigger brakes than the base model, made from two pieces, helping cooling and therefore repeatability. It also gets a rear electronic active differential, and Lord knows this SUV needs it.
It’s a rocket that sounds like it has a NASCAR engine in it at full tilt. It’s jumpy in sportier modes, so taking off smoothly from a standstill requires a little practice. Like always in V8 Jags, if you want a fast start, just plant the pedal and hold on. The F-Pace SVR crackles and pops when shifting, and when slowing down, which I love. I know some people think that’s too much “look at me” bravado, but I don’t mind. It does start off in a quiet mode, but even that isn’t very quiet. And those brakes are rock fricking solid. A two-piece setup is more expensive than one-piece rotors and for good reason — they work way better. Or at least they have in my experience.
The F-Pace steering is both heavy and quick in SVR tune. Again, good for race-y moves but maybe a little high-strung for daily use. It does stay planted on center, but the ratio feels up there near the Alfa Romeo Stelvio’s superquick setup. It doesn’t seem to get upset with bumps either, something I’ve noticed on the last handful of Jaguars I’ve tested. I was worried about the huge rims and super-low-profile tires, but I’m not complaining, because this is the high-performance model. I feel the same about Merecedes-AMGs. Get the big wheels, fine. But if I want a standard-grade SUV, I’ll take some more comfortable 18- or 19-inch shoes.