2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport: What more do you need?

Our Opinion: The Autoweek test fleet has been jam-packed with pickups of all shapes and sizes lately, but I jumped at the chance to take this Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport home for Memorial Day weekend. I had a couple of big projects planned (and I actually managed to get to some of them!) but I also knew I’d be doing a fair amount of cross-town driving. I didn’t quite need the V8 grunt of a bigger pickup, and more than that, I simply had no desire to deal with the substantial bulk of a full-sizer.
This is the sort of scenario in which today’s highly capable midsize pickups really shine. Basically, the Tacoma — which isn’t exactly small, as we’ve observed in previous reviews — was the right size for the tasks at hand, whether it was multiple trips to Home Depot or towing my ’60 Metropolitan into long-term storage, while still being compact (again, compact being relative here) enough to park anywhere in suburbia.
Granted, the Met is not a particularly heavy car to begin with, and there’s no engine installed in mine at the moment, but the car/random junk I’ve stashed inside the car/trailer combo was, I’d guess, around two and a half tons. Don’t be fooled by the modest 278 hp, 265 lb-ft output: The Tacoma didn’t sweat it, even at expressway speeds.
Getting up to speed and slowing down, however, the truck felt a good deal bouncier, and the transmission shifts a little lumpier. On the latter front, maybe a tow mode — which modifies transmission shift points to better handle a load on the hitch — would have helped. If only the Tacoma had one, I thought…