2019 Buick Regal TourX essentials: Cult classic

Our Opinion: So maybe the Regal TourX — a European-style all-wheel-drive station wagon — is the sort of vehicle I’m predisposed to like, whatever badge is on the front. And maybe auto writers raving about admittedly niche offerings like this is beyond a cliché at this point. My wagon predilection was reaffirmed after just a few miles behind the wheel: I hopped into the Regal TourX after a couple days in the Enclave, a cushy and perfectly competent family-hauling boat of a Buick, and instantly felt a connection that simply wasn’t there in the big crossover.
The TourX checks all the right boxes: low seating position; crisp, carlike handling; a firm ride; comfortable and supportive seats; plenty of room in the back … basically, it serves up everything you, an Autoweek reader, are looking for in a two-row crossover, but with better road feel and far more style.
No, it’s not the Roadmaster reborn; a low-to-the-ground, V8-powered living room it ain’t. That said, its 250-hp, 295-lb-ft turbo-four is nothing to scoff at, and what is a panoramic moonroof if not a modern vista top?