2019 Range Rover Sport HSE P400e essentials: A Rangie with a 31-mile electric range

Our Opinion: We first drove the Range Rover P400e in December 2017. At the time Land Rover was the only automaker selling a hybrid 4WD vehicle capable of hitting the off-road trails in low range running solely on electricity. Here we are a year and a half later and it still is — that is until FCA decides to launch the Renegade/Compass plug-ins we saw in Geneva in March (at least I think they’ll have low range).
If the idea of a four-cylinder-powered Range Rover sounds strange to you, that’s because it is strange. Still, like Range Rovers generally, the P400e wafts along beautifully, like a proper, coddling, luxury car. I can’t really tell I’m driving a hybrid; the powertrain is too quiet and smooth. Press the EV button and the car runs on, you guessed it, electricity only. In normal mode the 2.0-liter four offers plenty of poke for overtaking and expressways. Land Rover says 60 mph comes in 6.4 seconds. I have no reason to doubt it, and it’s impressive considering the hybrid is some 700 pounds heavier compared to a V6 model.