2019 Mercedes-AMG C63 S essentials: An angry German missile

Our Opinion: I had this AMG C63 S parked in front of my house for Passover dinner and what I heard most was that the interior looked great, but the exterior was a little boring.
I only half-agree. The interior is indeed spectacular with multicolored seats, a faux suede wheel and a big central display screens noting everything from media and navigation functions to AMG-specific stuff like g-force, race timers and warmup. The seats kept me snuggly in place during all maneuvers and were comfortable throughout the weekend. This C-Class is a little bigger than the last model, meaning there was a surprising amount of space between the back of my seat and the forward facing child seat in the back. Road Test Editor Jr. could still kick it, but just with the tips of his toes.
This newest C63 still has the rotary dial for infotainment control, thankfully, but many Mercedes models are now using a touchpad where your hand falls. The redundant mode buttons are also a blessing.
As for the exterior, maybe this C-Class is a little more boring than the last model, but I’m fine with that. The last one was a little too overwrought for my taste. Everything is cleaner here, and the new rear end treatment with the big, fake quad exhaust tips looks good. If you kneel down, you can see the little exhaust ports buried behind the four squares.