2019 Volkswagen Jetta essentials: Four decades on

Our Opinion: The Jetta looks very Audi-like with the new restyle, which is good. The new front end looks cleaner and more coherent than the outgoing model, and the rear looks more modern. The Jetta went from being a cheap car for early college kids to something pretty substantial.
And the Jetta feels substantial on the inside too. The perforated leather seats look much better than the stock leatherette. They’re still a little stiff for my taste, but they lean toward the supportive side with good seat and side bolsters. That touchscreen radio, which looks expensive and colorful, has one big problem. Because it’s capacitive touch, just a gentle brush of a hard button makes that function happen. That means that if you’re going for the volume or tuning knob (thanks for those) you might hit the “car” or the “media” button with your knuckle. If you happen to be using Apple CarPlay at the time, it takes two or three more button presses to get back to that screen. It’s maddening when you go for one of those and end up on some weird car status screen. Obviously if you’re driving, which you’re likely to do in this car, it’s even harder to not accidentally hit it.