2019 Ford Escape essentials: The crossover standard

Our Opinion: My wife has one of these, a 2017 model, and like the Jeep Grand Cherokee in the midsize segment, the Escape is my go-to comparison for the compact segment.
For starters, it’s good for kids. I put two child seats in the back and not only are they easy to attach, they don’t really infringe on the front seat area, at least with my 5-10 frame. In a pinch, another small child can squeeze between the child seats in back, to keep your progeny occupied. The cargo area measures 34 cubic feet, which is enough for a giant double stroller and a winter tire, in case you’re checking. The Titanium trim also comes with leather seats, which are much easier to clean than cloth.
This turbo four is way stronger than any Escape buyer needs it to be. Every time I step on the pedal, I think, “damn, this thing’s fast!” The throttle is sensitive, which is good for fast starts, not great for smooth starts. Shifts from the aging six-speed are fine and if you really want to have fun, start playing with the paddle shifters in sport mode. The engine is a little raspy, but that’s what happens when you push a four banger that far.