2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe first drive: Fastback, big money

The lightweight sport package replaces the glass roof with carbon fiber and swaps in 22-inch forged aluminum wheels. Inside you get nice, grippy houndstooth cloth sport seats, some carbon interior trim and a synthetic suede, heated steering wheel. Choosing this option is largely for the look, but the wheels weigh less, and the carbon roof noticeably drops both curb weight and center of gravity. All told, when so equipped, the Cayenne Coupe weighs 48 fewer pounds. 
But back to appearance: Another difference between the Cayenne Coupe and noncoupe are the two spoilers. Both versions now come with a fixed roof-mounted spoiler that hangs off the back edge of the roof a few inches. But the coupes also get an active spoiler that opens and closes just above the taillights and opens automatically above 56 mph, similar to a 911. According to Porsche, this additional spoiler provides legitimate downforce and allows a lower trailing edge to the fastback roof without sacrificing high speed stability.  
Speaking of appearance, does the Cayenne Coupe look good? Well, it doesn’t look bad. More importantly, it’s a nicer shape than many of its SUV coupe competitors. So, in a narrow context, yes, it’s beautiful. But remember, that’s in a very narrow context. Don’t buy one, park it next to a Speedster and expect similar results, especially if you have a fragile ego.