2019 Audi A7 essentials: Good mechanics, frustrating tech

Our Opinion: I was probably the only one who still liked the A6 and A8 over the sportback A7, but now, I’m hedging. They all look good; I was just a fan of the three-box design, but the updated A7, with a few more angles and creases, might have turned the tide for me. It didn’t hurt that toting two kids and a huge double stroller was easy peazy. Side note, I took them to the hands-on museum and when I left I threw them both in a car and took off without putting the stroller in the massive hatchback trunk. When I whipped up 10 minutes later and jumped out, a passing man gave me the “I’ve done that before” look.Most of the stuff I wrote about the A6 I recently drove applies here. The A7 feels more luxurious than the last version with the woodgrain dash and huge double infotainment screens. And the power delivery is the same: Super, super smooth, almost bordering on lazy in normal mode. If you turn the wick up to dynamic and S mode, things get better. As for the amount of power, no problems there — 335 is a very good number for a normal commuter car.The A7’s brakes are much better than the last few Audis I’ve been in, though I don’t exactly remember the A6’s. A few years ago the pedal was really easy to press and sensitive too, so smooth stops took some practice. Now it’s a short stroke and maybe Audi worked a bit of sensitivity out, which makes it easier to modulate.