2019 Nissan Armada essentials: Infiniti in training?

Our Opinion: The first thing I noticed after hopping in this Nissan Armada in our underground parking garage, after the Endurance 5.6-liter V8 (great name) engine roar, was that the turning radius felt small. When I looked it up, it was pretty much on par with the Ford Expedition and just a foot smaller than the Chevy Suburban, but the Armada feels nimbler than both for some reason. And Nissan’s 360-degree bird’s-eye view is also great. It was the first to implement that, by the way. Now everyone does it.That V8, though ancient, is smooth and refined and powerful. It roars in the cabin, there doesn’t seem to be much sound insulation (have to step up to the Infiniti for that), but motive force is strong. Throttle tip-in is about right too. It doesn’t jump off the line and jerk your head back, but by the time you’re 2 inches in, you’re moving. The Armada went from a six-speed automatic to a seven-speed when the generation changed over, and it feels super smooth during all shifts. It does get a little jumpy when you stomp the pedal and downshift two or three times, but when you need to hit a gap in traffic, it’s welcome.The Armada’s suspension is … not great. It’s my usual big-SUV complaint; the bumps are absorbed well, but I can hear the springs and shocks jouncing around under there. And it feels like the tires bounce around too. The whole body moves around on its mounts too, to the side over bumps. I know there’s a balance there. Personally I want to feel the bumps, but not too much, and the looseness of the suspension makes the Nissan Armada feel less solid and put together. At high double-digit speeds, it feels planted, thankfully.