2019 Hyundai Kona EV essentials: No compromise, in California

Our Opinion: Unfortunately right now the Kona EV in only on sale in California, but it will be spreading out to other CARB states soon. And that’s too bad because this is a really good vehicle that I drove for four days without needing to recharge.What makes that even more impressive is that the max range in Michigan’s 15-degree weather was only about 180 miles. As you play with the fan speed and temperature, the range moves up and down, but I found it to be very accurate with how much I drove, within about 10 miles over more than 100.The best thing for me here in Michigan was the instant, electric heat. In an ICE car, it takes me about 10 minutes to get heat, or about the time I hit the expressway in the morning. This thing was cranking out hot air at the end of my block.It didn’t seem to lose a lot of range overnight either. I’d start the car, it would be down 15 miles, but then it would come back once the car was warmed up.